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 Smartphone is what common in this decade. Without any difference, people in this world are using the smart phones. Everything becomes handy after the invasion of Smartphone’s. The mobile application created for the websites are the one of the reason for the people’s involvement in using the Smartphone.  The applications are developed on the basis of the operating system of the mobile.  Every operating system have the own variety of application that can be found in the application store.

 Games in the mobile:

           The common thing can be found in the Smartphone is games.  Online and offline games are available. People can choose what they want to play. The numbers of game developing companies are increased all over the world. If the game is released in United States, people all over the world show the interest to play the game. Temple Run 2 is one of the popular games among the people. They showed a great interest to play the game.  Every game is getting updated to the next level so as to improve the interest of the people.  Playing the same will makes them bore and reduce the interest in the game.  If you are downloading the game, it is better to see the number of downloads they show and the reviews of the people.

New application downloader:

         Gone are the days, people download the games and application using the playstore. There are many application have been developed to download the other application. People can find the latest updates of the application they are using in the mobile. It is simple to update the application.  9apps is one of the applications that most of the people are using.   They are highly safe to the mobile and user friendly. The major advantage of this application is it consumes very less space than the other application and it needs very less internet to open and show the updates and application.


           Just like the playstore, it has a wide range of application. If the applications you search are not available, it also helps you by redirecting the place that you can download them.  9apps can be found in the playstore. It is easy to download and install them.   Not only the mobile application, but also the movies, pictures, music and others can be downloaded using this application. It is shortcut for whatever you want to download.  This is the reason for the people’s preference for this application.

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